Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many couples had planned to tie the knot on the auspicious 22.02.22 which fell yesterday.

Among those were Tan Foon Chuan, 45 and his beaming bride, Kathrina Thomas, 26, who were delighted to register their marriage on Feb 22.

The couple from Alor Setar, Kedah said they had wanted to get registered on the special date and were happy they were able to fulfil their wishes.

“The date is extra special and though it was a weekday, we are so happy we managed to get registered on Feb 22, 2022,” said Tan, a software engineer.

The couple, who have been together for a year, were registered at the National Registration Department in Anak Bukit.

“After a year of being together, we felt Feb 22 was the most auspicious day to get registered,” they said.

Though having to strictly follow the standard operating procedures, they said the process went on as planned.

Kathrina, from Ranau in Sabah, said they met in Penang last year where she works as an assistant at a home care centre.

Another couple who also got married yesterday was Cheung Chia Hoa, 27 and Tan Jia Li, 22.

Cheung, who hails from Kuala Kedah, said the Chinese community believed that the auspicious number associated with the date would bring good luck.

“Number ‘2’ represents love and happiness, so 22.02.2022 is a good combination of the number to mark a new beginning for us as a married couple,” he said.