Couple save RM20 notes goes for family holiday

Couple saves RM20 notes, goes for family holiday

BY: Patrick Beech

Whenever they had an RM20 note, they would save it and together, a make-up artist and her husband saved up a five-figure sum.

After four years of sticking to the habit, they had successfully saved enough for their family of four to go for a holiday.

"It is now a habit for us and whenever we have an RM20 note, we save it," she said.

However, she said it was difficult to come by such notes these days as more people use electronic wallets and payments by card.

"We will still stick to this habit and hopefully we can go for another family trip soon," she said.

Following her post on social media, a number of netizens also came forward to reveal their money-saving tips.

Some say they do the same with RM10 notes, while others store away any RM100 notes they have.