Couple arrive in “style” for their big day in a backhoe

While most brides would want to be driven in a luxury car to their weddings, Safinah Nasi, 25, arrived in a backhoe instead.

Driven by her groom, Mohamad Fikre Mohd Ali, 30, she arrived in style for her wedding along Jalan Jambu in Klang.

She was driven in the backhoe for about a kilometre from Jalan Dusun.

According to the groom, he and his business partner own these machines and he had always wanted to drive one on his wedding day.

"Alhamdulillah, my dream of driving a backhoe and taking my wife for a ride on such a machine on our wedding day came true," he said.

He said he courted his wife for seven years before he decided to take her hands and went ahead with the solemnisation ceremony.

"We did not get engaged but instead had a solemnisation ceremony after we got our family's blessings and approval," he said.

"I am grateful and count my blessings because I have found my other half who truly loves and understands me," he said.