Cops praised for rescuing puppy from drain

Sergeant Padrick from the Hulu Selangor district police headquarters saving the puppy that fell into a drain

Cops praised for rescuing puppy from drain

By: Patrick Beech

Netizens have praised two policemen from the Hulu Selangor MPV unit who rescued a puppy from a drain near a supermarket in Bukit Beruntung, recently.

The duo, Sergeant Padrick and Lance Corporal Rodhi were patrolling the area at 6.20pm when the incident happened.

The Hulu Selangor district police headquarters, in a statement on Facebook, said he public alerted them to a puppy that had fallen into a drain. The two policemen rushed to the scene and rescued the animal."

Hulu Selangor police also advised the public not to have preconceived notions about the police.

"Sometimes Malaysians are 'traumatised' when they see policemen by the roadside. They think that there's a roadblock and that summonses are being issued. They also think policemen are unfriendly and arrogant.

"If we see (the same incident), all of us would stop to help, wouldn't you agree?"