Climbers experience snow on Mount Kinabalu during recent climb

Snow in Malaysia? Something unheard of for most Malaysians, but for some climbers to Mount Kinabalu, this is exactly what they witnessed recently.

A trainer with Mountain Torq Via Ferrata recently uploaded a video on Facebook after he captured this captivating moment from the Sayat-Sayat hut, 3,668 metres above sea level.

Hajiris Sulomin, 46, said, “Wow, it is snowing at Mount Kinabalu. What a beautiful sight.”

The trainer with 11 years experience said the incident occurred about 6.52am and lasted for three minutes.

The last time it snowed on Mount Kinabalu was recorded in May 2018.

According to reports, the Assistant Director of Kinabalu Parks Justinus Guntabid said the temperature of the unusually cold morning was said to be approximately between 6.8 to 12.3 Celsius.

He also mentioned to the Malaysian news channel that this is a rare occurrence, but that it’s not the first time it happened. The last time snow had reportedly fallen over the mountain was in 1993, and also in 1975.

A total of 154 climbers and guides witnessed the weather phenomenon.