Chinese neighbours treat Muslim neighbours to KFC since they could not invite them for non-halal party

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By: Patrick Beech

Having good neighbours is a blessing and something everyone wants.

Recently a woman shared how her Chinese neighbours were having a birthday celebration and could not invite them as the food was non-halal.

However, to their surprise, the neighbours went out of their way and bought them (the Malay neighbours) KFC since they could not invite them over.

According to TikTok user, Eikin Hanipah, they were so touched by the kind gesture.

“We never expected this,” she said.

Her TikTok video had since gone viral and many netizens praised the neighbours for their thoughtfulness.

“Getting good neighbours can be a blessing in itself” wrote a netizen.

Another netizen said this was truly a show of the “keluarga Malaysia” spirit.

“Having good neighbours is important to ensure a peaceful live at home,” added another netizen.