Cansurvive: You Are What You Eat!

By Geetha K

Cansurvive Malaysia Centre Berhad, a non-profit charity organisation incorporated in 2010, provides guidance and compassionate community support for patients who suffer from cancer as well as their family and friends. On Sept 1 Cansurvive had its 8th Malaysian International Conference on Holistic Healing in Cancer, with this year’s theme being ‘Importance of diet in the prevention and management of cancer.’

The completely sold-out event was held in collaboration with BAC at its PJ campus. Chief Guest of Honour was DYMM Sultanah Pahang Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom DK, also the royal patron of Cansurvive Malaysia and the other Chief Guest included Raja Singham, Director and Founder of BAC Education Group as well as its Make It Right Movement. The day long free event was open to the public who thronged to the BAC PJ campus to listen to prominent international and Malaysian speakers share their experiences and expertise.

The speakers included Dr Robert Svoboda from the USA, prolific author and the first westerner to obtain a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Dr Thomas Rau from Switzerland, author and creator of a new system of medicine called biological medicine, Dr Ramkumar Kutty, founder and director of Punarva Ayurveda, an institution committed to authentic Ayurveda for universal well-being, Dr Amir Farid Isahak of Malaysia, a senior medical consultant and one of the pioneers to practice holistic integrative medicine in Malaysia, Dr Chen Han Qi from China, former deputy chief physician of China’s largest public Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM]), the Jin Chuan Group hospital, Wong Kee Yew of Malaysia, an expert on vegetarian nutrition traditional East Asian diet, Dr Paul Narula of Thailand, a speaker, trainer and entrepreneur as well as founder of the Bangkok International Vegan Alliance and Dr Noorul Ameen Abdul Rahman of Malaysia, a leading naturopath working primarily on metabolic, neurological, hormonal and musculoskeletal disorders.

Cansurvive Malaysia President Vaidya C D Siby in his welcoming address said: “Cansurvive’s main aim is to assist people with cancer to achieve a rewarding and beneficial outcome. As we believe that cancer is a disease caused by the imbalance of mind, body and spirit, we embrace all forms of treatment and healing therapies.”

“We provide information that encompasses Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pranic Healing, Xi Gong, Reiki, EFT, and other modalities making it a truly holistic approach to cancer. The combination of one or more of the approaches has proved powerful and greatly supportive of the cancer healing journey.”

Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom, a long time believer in a healthy diet and lifestyle, in her official address said no one is untouched by the dreaded disease and went on to stress on the urgent need to increase education of the public on lifestyle choices.

“We must deter this terrible disease from taking root. I am hopeful that this conference will help provide accurate and well-researched advice on a holistic approach to fighting cancer. I commend everyone taking part on their important and groundbreaking work and I congratulate the Cansurvive organising committee on another year of dedication and hard work.”

Raja Singham meanwhile talked about BAC’s close association with Cansurvive and other organisations in the realm of cancer and how as a society we need to further strengthen the community to connect, exchange new ideas and promote equity in access to cancer care for lower income families.

“This is BAC’s third year of working with Cansurvive and it’s always a great pleasure and we look forward to making a positive change together. Cancer is a huge, huge problem. It’s everywhere and I feel something serious needs to be done.”

Raja Singham elicited plenty of laughs from the audience when he jested that since this year’s theme was on diet in cancer prevention, his large girth should tell the audience about what not to do. “I mean, look at me,” he paused in good humour as the audience broke into laughter, “I am, I must confess, on a see-food diet. I eat what I see.”

The BAC founder then went on to add that the best diet was “food for the soul”.

“The more we go out there and do good things, the better you feel. My aim is to build an army of people to do good things.”

The event also saw the official launch of Cansurvive Global. Stanley Ong, Deputy President of Cansurvive Global took to the stage to announce the news as well as to welcome new members, Singapore, Ireland and Thailand.

Ong also received the annual Peter Nai award from Raja Singham, on behalf of Dr Joean Oon of Malaysia, for her achievements in social and humanitarian work in the cancer care domain. The late Peter Nai founded Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad in 2009 and was an electronic engineer who once taught industrial electronics in America before becoming a renowned spiritual healer.

Cansurvive’s 8th Malaysian International Conference on Holistic Healing in Cancer ended on a regal note with DYMM Sultanah Pahang awarding tokens of appreciation all round.