Cancer Patient Fulfills Final Wish of Giving The Gift of Sight To The Needy

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Ms. Zhao from Henan, China had always wished to donate her corneas after her death. She held on to this dream despite being a cancer patient.

According to Oriental Daily, she revealed her intention to her husband and doctors. She even went a step further by including it on her mobile phone!

Upon consultation with her doctors, she was advised to apply eye drops on her eyes on a daily basis to ensure her corneas were healthy. Ms Zhao diligently applied eye drops even in her final days despite experiencing immense pain and sadness.

An image of Ms. Zhao.Source: Weibo

An image of Ms. Zhao.Source: Weibo

After Ms. Zhao’s demise on the 4th of September, her husband Mr Lai contacted the Henan Provincial Eye Hospital and shared his wife’s last wish. Two days later, her wish was granted as her corneas were donated to two patients in need.

“This is her final wish. She will definitely be very pleased,” exclaimed her husband at the hospital.

Mr. Lai speaking at the hospital.Source: Weibo

Mr. Lai speaking at the hospital.Source: Weibo

It was reported that Mr. Lai personally visited one of the two patients to witness his wife’s wish become a reality. He hopes that this will inspire others to embrace organ donation which helps save lives.

Rest in peace, Ms Zhao! You are a hero to those who have been blessed with the gift of sight by your noble deed!


For more information about organ donation, visit the Malaysian Society of Transplantation.


* Featured image sourced from North London Hospice