Cabinet ministers agree to 20 percent pay cut till economy recovers

By: Patrick Beech

Among efforts initiated by newly minted Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahin to reduce government expenditure is to cut the salaries of all ministers by 20 percent.

According to reports, all the ministers had since agreed to the move as it was also done in the spirit of concern over the hardships faced by the people.

Anwar said the salary cuts would be implemented until the economy recovered and will be reviewed in about three years

We shouldn’t have to cut salaries, but I thank (the cabinet) for their readiness to sacrifice a little.”

Anwar himself will not be taking his salary as the prime minister and finance minister

When campaigning for the recent general election, Anwar had said he would not take a salary if appointed the prime minister in solidarity with the people who were struggling with the rising cost of living.