Breast Cancer Patient Remembers The Kind Stranger Who Made Her Day!

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There were days when Amy Pettenato had to fight hard and remain positive despite suffering from kidney failure and stage one breast cancer. The mother of one reached a breaking point when she had to shave her head due to her health problems.

Like other breast cancer patients, Amy had to face the ultimate challenge of heading out into the world despite feeling embarrassed and self-conscious.

Amy (left) with her daughter, Angelina.Source: Patch

Amy (left) with her daughter, Angelina.Source: Patch

What Amy did not expect was the sweet surprise in store for her when she took her family out to a local restaurant earlier this month!

She noticed four girls dinning with their parents and some strange looks from the girls. “At times I noticed one of the daughters looking at me and then noticed the mom looking and smiling at me,” wrote Amy on Facebook. 

Before leaving the restaurant, the mother of the children sat down next to Amy and expressed her sympathy as she was a cancer survivor, too!

That’s not all!

The generous lady even paid for Amy’s meal! Moved by the kind gesture, Amy took to social media with the following post:

“She was an angel and made my day. Not because she paid the bill but because she wasn’t afraid to sit next to a total stranger and share her experience and wish me the best.” 

Amy’s post was shared widely and she soon managed to meet up with her ‘angel’ – Kerry Holmes-Vallario.

“When I saw her I knew exactly what she was feeling- I remember the day my husband shaved my head; it was the hardest day of my life. When I saw her sitting there I just wanted her to know that she isn’t alone in her fight and that ‘we’ as warriors are all here for each other,” said Kerry.

Since then, Amy and Kerry have become good friends!

Never underestimate our ability to make someone else’s life better – a small act of kindness can make a big difference!


* Featured image sourced from Facebook/Amy Nevins Pettenato