Boss closes factory for two days, takes staff for holiday

By: Patrick Beech

Employees are a company's greatest asset and treating them well and keeping them happy can reap great benefits for the employers and the organisation as a whole.

Local businessman, Khairul Aming is among those bosses who know how to appreciate his staff and has been in the spotlight several times for his good treatment of staff and humility.

In the past, he has taken his staff on trips to theme parks and also given them money to do shopping.

Recently, he shared a video on how he closed his "sambal Nyet" factory for two days and took his staff for a holiday.

In a social media post, Khairul wrote, “2 days ago, we closed down the ‘Sambal Nyet’ factory so that I could take all of my staff on holiday at a resort. It was a casual trip, just to rest and enjoy nature. I made a fruit cocktail for everyone to try. Overall, it was a fun trip.”

Khairul booked the entire resort for his staff of about 50 - 60 employees and said it was just for them to have fun and rest.

“For the company retreat, I didn’t want to have speeches or anything. They come just to rest and enjoy," he said.

His video has since gone viral and many have praised him for being such a good boss and called on other companies to follow his footsteps.