BACflix's SPM Seminar 2023/24 is back!

An Established Legacy for Accessible Learning

The much-awaited SPM Seminar by SPMflix is back, and this time it promises to be bigger and better!

BAC Education is a firm advocate for equal access to education, recognising the importance of poverty eradication. When the Group first launched BACflix in September 2017, a non-profit, single largest education initiative by the private sector, its main aim was to provide world-class learning for free. BACflix first introduced SPMflix, PT3flix, IGCSEflix, UPSRflix, SJKCflix and SJKTflix. However, with the abolishment of the UPSR and PT3 exams, it now only runs SPMflix and IGCSEflix.

With the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE), BACflix advocates for, and is in full support of Malaysia’s ongoing education transformation journey focusing on SPM and IGCSE students.

BACflix has been instrumental in supporting Malaysia's education transformation journey, and has accelerated the adoption of critical 21st century learning skills and practices.

Education is a fundamental human right and no student should be left behind.

With BACflix introducing these online learning platforms, students from low-income communities, without the privilege of private tuition classes were able to freely gain access to study materials, attend seminars and improve on their subjects overall. Since its launch, BACflix has helped over 180,000 students and ran over 9,000 lessons FOR FREE!

Today, as Malaysian students nationwide prepare to sit for the SPM exams, BACflix is here to help once again!

SPM Seminar: 11th Year Running

The 2023/2024 SPM Seminar by SPMflix is in its 11th year running and continues to be a highly anticipated event for students preparing for their SPM exams. With each passing year, the seminar has grown in popularity and has become a trusted resource for students seeking guidance and support in their exam preparation journey. This seminar, which is entirely funded by the BAC Education Group, is a fantastic chance for students who are unable to pay for tuition or the typical seminar fees, to attend, making it available to everyone in need.

Running from the 6th to 21st January 2024, SPM Seminar 2023 will focus on the 12 core subjects - Bahasa Melayu, English, Sejarah, Science, Maths, Physics, Add Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Ekonomi, Perniagaan and Prisip Akaun.

To reach out to students who are unable to attend the seminar physically, the BACflix team has also developed a hybrid mode. Featuring a live stream of the whole seminar, students who are unable to make it can follow the seminar from the comfort of their own homes! The best part about this whole thing - if students are unable to commit for either physical or online, BACflix has got their back because the seminar will be recorded, enabling it to be watched anytime and anywhere, ensuring no student is left behind.

Equipping Students with Modern Tools

In addition to this 2023/2024 SPM Seminar, this online platform will also feature exciting tools and utilities that will help students feel confident in their learning, improving their chances of scoring for the exams.

A community page will be featured where students can ask questions about any one of the 12 core subjects, and get responses from both teachers and fellow students. This will help to build a learning community, with a better and modern learning experience.

With the SPM exams scheduled to start on 30th January 2024, students will be journeying with 11 of the best SPM teachers, who will guide them through the 12 core subjects, preparing them for the SPM exams. With SPMflix, registered students are given free access to lessons and notes, allowing them to master their subjects at their own pace.

On 7th December 2023, the introduction of 'Tanya Cikgu Live' on TikTok will allow students to catch lessons live on TikTok, and have all their questions answered by experienced teachers. 'Tanya Cikgu' is a platform for students to ask teachers any challenging questions related to the 12 core SPM subjects.

And guess what? Students will now have the privilege of accessing SPMflix via their mobile devices too! Launched just in November, students will have full access to every resource and feature on their mobile devices, regardless of whether it's an Apple or Android device.

Why Study With SPMflix?

SPMflix is powered by BAC Education. As an educational institution with six universities under its belt (Brickfields Asia College, IACT, Reliance College, Veritas University College, BAC College (Singapore) and UNIMY, it is known for producing top-industry future-ready graduates. BAC Education has indeed steady, continuous growth with its motto leading its purpose: 'Transforming Lives Through Education'.

SPMflix is fun, interactive, and is bridging student communities nationwide. With this platform, students will be surrounded by like-minded peers and driven educators, while experiencing the modern learning landscape with state-of-the-art technology and e-learning tools. They will also be working with the best teachers in the country to ensure excellence.

Going beyond traditional learning styles, SPMflix has adopted modern e-learning techniques and made education ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE.

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With that said, SPM students should not miss the opportunity to join the upcoming 2023/2024 SPM Seminar which is 100% FREE! This seminar aims to provide students with valuable insights and guidance on how to excel in their upcoming SPM examinations, and subject matter experts and teachers will share their expertise and strategies for effective exam preparation. At this seminar, students will also engage in interactive workshops and discussions with their peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Offering more than just a modern, educational experience; students will have the opportunity to win movie tickets, cash vouchers, and merchandise throughout the seminar. If excellence is the end product, BACflix is the machine that produces it and that is their guarantee!

To register or know more about this programme , visit BACflix today!