Azhar: The Extraordinary Mechanic

By Lan KB

Azhar Ibrahim is a unique mechanic. He has been in love with sounds of motorbikes since the age of seven. That prompted him to pick up knowledge about motorbikes since his young age.

He learned about handling and fixing bikes from a friend, and in 2008 he set up a motorbike repair workshop in Kampung Batu 6, Jalan Tanjung Tualang, Batu Gajah, Perak.

He is his own boss, and entering into his 11th year as a motorcycle workshop owner, he is now looking forward to expand his business.

But Azhar is not your ordinary mechanic for he is blind!

He was born blind but that did not stop him from pursuing his ambitions and becoming an entrepreneur.

“I started out servicing customers at a small space in front of my house. A few friends then posted my story on social media and it went viral.

“Five years after that, I received cash aid from the government to get more tools and build a proper workshop.

“All I can say is that I am grateful for this gift from God.”

Before starting his career as a mechanic, Azhar had worked as a masseur and earned at least RM800, in addition to a monthly RM400 aid from the Social Welfare Department every month, reported The Star.

He comes from a poor family but always had the willpower to be independent, including not relying on anyone for financial support.

“My mother did not raise me differently from my siblings and I did not use the walking stick.”

Well done Azhar!