Anwar meets "Jailer" at his Putrajaya office

Pictures from DSAI's Facebook

Anwar meets "Jailer" at his Putrajaya office

BY: Patrick Beech

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently welcomed Indian superstar Rajinikanth at his Putrajaya office.

 In a Facebook post, Anwar said, “I appreciate the respect he has shown for my struggles, especially those concerning the rakyat's hardships and suffering".

 Rajinikanth spent some time discussing the societal issues championed by Anwar for the former to incorporate into his future films.

 “I pray that Rajinikanth will continue to shine in the film industry,” Anwar remarked.

 It is unclear why Rajinikanth is in town, but the film star has a movie currently showing in cinemas, Jailer.

 Just days ago, it was reported that Jailer has collected about RM338 million worldwide.

 In the action-packed movie, Rajinikanth plays the role of Tiger Muthuvel Pandian.

 The movie, which opened here on August 10, collected about RM10 million within five days of screening.