Amazing Image Of Malaysian Beach Goes Viral In Feature By Apple

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Malaysia’s beautiful scenery conquers Instagram yet again, this time with a photograph of sunrise on a beach in Rusila Marang, Terengganu shared by Apple on its official Instagram account yesterday.

With the hashtag #ShotOniPhone, the photo taken by a local policeman, 28-year-old, Azmeer Iskandar with his iPhone XR has garnered over 400,000 likes on Apple’s official Instagram account.

Azmeer, a Kuala Lumpur native, has spent eight years in Terengganu where he is stationed in Cabang Tiga.

Speaking about the remarkable image, Azmeer points out that he invited a few friends to join him for a stroll along the beach in order to capture the scenery at dawn.

“The beach is only 10 minutes away from where I live. I believe this is the first time that Terengganu has been featured on the Apple Instagram page,” he told The Star.

Malaysians have shown their overwhelming support for the remarkable image and expressed their pride over the nation’s wonderful landscape and scenery. Many have also taken the effort to congratulate Azmeer in taking Malaysia to greater heights.

One Instagram user, airishconrique, commented – “Proud to be Malaysian ” while another user, carlsyahfiq, commented – “Terengganu, heaven of Malaysia “.

This is the second time Apple has featured an image of a Malaysian landscape captured by a fellow Malaysian. Last month, Apple shared a photo of a paddy field in Perlis taken by 20-year-old student, Dinie Aiman Sukhaizar.

Check out the lush green paddy field below:

As Azmeer said, “….. Our country has a lot of beautiful places to offer and I believe more people should be aware about that.”

Way to go, Azmeer and Dinie!

*Featured image sourced from mStar