AFES Distributes Bubur Lambuk to Residents in Conjunction with its 10th Anniversary

Source: Kosmo

AFES Distributes Bubur Lambuk to Residents in Conjunction with its 10th Anniversary

By: Michelle Liew

Alam Flora Environmental Solutions (AFES) distributed as many as 1,200 packs of bubur in conjunction with the Santun Ramadan Bubur Lambuk Distribution Program to 10 different locations around Gombak, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya on 6th April.

AFES Chief Operating Officer, Nazar Abdul Raof stated that this was the second time the program was held. This time, the program involved collaboration with the management of Surau Ibrahimiah, Kampung Batu Muda.

The cooking equipment was provided by the management of Surau Ibrahimiah, while AFES acts as a facilitator in addition to providing assistance in terms of packaging bubur lambuk and other needs.

The bubur lambuk was distributed to residents in 10 locations in the AFES service area in conjunction with AFES's 10th anniversary this year.

Nazar said, among other things, the program will have a good impact on AFES, thus attracting the community, especially the younger generation to learn how to make bubur lambuk and appreciate local food.

In the meantime, Nazar also reminded the public that it is important for the Malaysian community to be aware of environmental protection.

"The practice of preparing excess food and wasting food should be avoided so that it does not end up in landfills. Not only in the month of Ramadan, in other months as well we need to have sensitivity to prevent ourselves from wasting food. We need to have the responsibility to jointly take care of the national ecosystem in achieving environmental sustainability for a long period of time," he said.

He explained the problem of wastage and disposal of food is very worrying because the disposal of food must be done in the right way so that the ecosystem is not affected.