Adventurer Creates New World Record Amidst Raising Money for Charity

Source: Travelport

Adventurer Creates New World Record Amidst Raising Money for Charity

BY: Michelle Liew

An adventurer has carved a new world record for travelling around the Seven Modern Wonders of the World in six days, while raising money for charity.

Nicknamed "Adventureman", Jamie McDonald, from Gloucestershire, England, embarked on the journey to raise money for his charity, the Superhero Foundation. The trip consisted of a total of 13 flights, 16 taxis, nine buses, four trains and one toboggan.

McDonald described this challenge as one of his most complex and complicated trip yet.

Being no stranger to international adventurous trips, McDonald has previous ran solo across America and even cycled 22,000km from Thailand to the United Kingdom.

In his latest trip, he completed a total of 36,783km across nine countries in only six days.

"When you're attempting to set a world record, speed and agility are absolutely key."

McDonald was diagnosed with a rare spinal condition called during his childhood. Doctors warned that he could lose his ability to walk. Despite the diagnosis, his health improved, thanks to various doctors, hospitals and his family. The experience made him want to give back to children in similar situations.

The money raised through the challenge will fund treatments, therapies and equipment for those in need, which isn't freely available through the traditional or local healthcare support system.