Additional services on MySejahtera to include bookings for hospitals, clinics

By: Patrick Beech

The government has added more features to the MySejahtera application where one can now make appointments at Health Ministry clinics and hospitals using the app.

Expanding the use of the application was aimed at reducing crowding and waiting times at public healthcare facilities, said the ministry.

The online appointment system would assist healthcare facilities in scheduling matters based on their respective capacities, and address overcrowding at the registration areas.

A total of 673 healthcare clinics have started accepting appointments through MySejahtera, and this number will grow to include more hospitals and clinics.

However, for emergency cases, fever or infectious diseases, people can go straight to healthcare premises without making an appointment,

Eight services would be included in the appointment system. They are outpatient treatment, the National Health Screening Initiative, healthcare scheme for the B40 group, pre-employment/pre-study health screening, pre-marital screening, smoking cessation and family planning services, as well as procedures such as wound treatment, tube replacement and others.

The appointment system via MySejahtera would be expanded to other healthcare services in stages in the future.