Actress Sari Yanti Celebrates Son Barr Al-Aliy’s Award in Hearty Instagram Post

By: Michelle Liew

Parents are the happiest when their children are able to complete their studies with a smooth journey.

Actress Sari Yanti, 38, took the liberty to express her gratitude upon the news of her eldest son winning an academic excellence award last Friday.

Sari Yanti got her head start in acting and fame after the popular series Kisah Kaisara in 2007. Playing the role of a teenager, she slowly gained popularity and became a teenage idol. In a blink of an eye, the actress now is celebrating her teenage son’s milestone.

Sari Yanti shared a photo of her standing next to her son, Barr Al-Aliy, 13, who is fully dressed in academic robes and mortarboards. She celebrated her son's success with positive words through a short post on Instagram.

"In just a moment, he went up to Form 1. He got an award today, the Academic Excellence Award.”

"Congratulations mama's son. Thank God. Rabbi habli minashholihin," she stated.

Barr Al-Aliy is Sari Yanti's eldest son with ex-husband Mohd Edy Casmadi Che Hussin. Her second son Baasit Al-Haq is now 12 years old. Through her second marriage with comedian Jep or Mohd Nadzri Zainal Abidin, she was blessed with three children namely Dariya Inara, 5, Muhammad Khidir, 3, and Abu Bakr, 21 months.