A Vegetable Seller, A Dumped Baby and A Happy Story 25 Years Later

By Lan KB

This is simply a good, inspiring story which we thought we must share with you.

What is it about?

It’s a tale of a man doing a selfless deed 25 years ago, not thinking for a moment of how his own life would change.

Where did this take place?

In a place called Tinsukhia, in Assam. Yes, that’s in India.

The backstory

Soberan, then 30-years-old and a bachelor, was returning home after a hard day’s work as a vegetable seller.

He suddenly heard a baby’s cry in a distance and went to investigate. To his shock he found a tiny tot – a baby girl – lying on the heap of garbage.

Soberan looked around to see if the child’s mother was around, and finding no one, decided instantly that he was going to rescue the child and bring her up as his own. A very daring decision indeed but he was steadfast on doing it.

What happened next?

Well, he named her Jyoti and raised her as a single parent. Yup, he remained a bachelor so that there would not be complications at a later time.

According to the Darjeeling Chronicle, Soberan “worked hard day and night” and “sent her to school and taught her everything and he fulfilled every need of hers”.

There were times, he slept being in hunger, “but he never let his daughter feel shortage or anything”

The good news

And all his hard work and sacrifice have paid off. Today, Jyoti has graduated with a degree in computer science in 2013.

In 2014, she succeeded in the Assam Public Service Commission exams and was posted on the post of Income Tax Assistant Commissioner. A big posting indeed for a young lady whose life could have taken a wrong, terrible turn if not for the guardian angel named Soberan.

What does he say about it now?

“I did not pick a girl from a garbage instead I got a diamond from coal mine which lightens my life and make me feel proud.”

What does others say about Soberan?

When Soberan was 30, he found an abandoned girl on a pile of garbage. He picked her up and took her home. He worked relentlessly from then on to educate her; today, Jyoti is an Income Tax Assistant Commissioner. Soberan epitomizes humanity! #RealHeroes �� pic.twitter.com/sxFJqIEsoo

— Real Heroes (@Indiarealheroes) August 19, 2018

We salute Soberan and his kind deed!