A touching act of kindness between Primary One pupils

white and blue pencils

By Patrick Beech

Social media users were moved by the kindness of two Primary One pupils who lent a hand to their special needs classmate.

They helped him unfasten his belt to go to the toilet and waited for him outside the door before heading back to class together.

The post was uploaded by Sylvester Ronny Pulene, a teacher from SK Sungai Kapit in Sarawak.

“Two of them were helping to unbuckle the belt of the other boy, whom I will call ‘J’. They also helped to adjust his uniform after he was done.

“Then they walked hand in hand back to their class while laughing happily,” he wrote.

Sylvester said J, a special needs child, was his former preschool pupil and has speech problems and was still unable to manage himself.

“What makes me proud is that he has friends who are concerned for him. Sometimes his friends even queue for him at the canteen to take the school’s Supplementary Food Programme meal.

“He is a very friendly boy, despite being different from other pupils.

“They are all only seven-years-old and yet, they have devoted their full attention to caring for him,” he said.

The boys’ kind gesture had earned tremendous praise and admiration from netizens.

Cikgu Azila shared:” (I) feel like crying. All of you are great. Continue (doing this) until you are older.”

Nordin Masood said: “Alhamdulillah. Such noble characters. Congratulations to their parents for instilling the value of helping others.”