A Father's Sacrifice: Selling Putu Mayam to Secure His Child's Education

Source: Beatifulnara

A Father's Sacrifice: Selling Putu Mayam to Secure His Child's Education

BY: Michelle Liew

In a heartwarming yet poignant display of parental dedication, a 44-year-old father named Khairul found himself overwhelmed with emotion as his popular putu mayam (rice noodle cakes) sold out. His intention behind the entrepreneurial endeavour was to raise funds to settle his child's school Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG) fees.

Khairul, a familiar face in the community, had been forced to stop working due to the debilitating effects of chronic gout. Despite his health challenges, he embarked on a daily routine of selling approximately 30 containers of putu mayam for RM4 each, relying solely on his motorcycle for transportation in Section 3, Shah Alam.

A poignant video shared on the TikTok account @fs79076 captured the emotional moment when individuals stepped forward to assist Khairul in completing his sales for the day. The father, visibly moved, shared his struggle and the heartfelt reason behind his determination to sell the traditional delicacy.

Khairul's story reflects the sacrifices parents make to ensure their children's education, even in the face of personal challenges. His dedication to settling his child's school fees speaks volumes about the lengths parents are willing to go to provide for their families.

Despite facing a pressing need for surgery due to his chronic gout, Khairul has made the difficult decision to postpone the medical treatment. His rationale is rooted in the harsh reality that, as the sole provider for his family, taking time off for medical care could jeopardize their financial stability.

Khairul's story serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and determination found within parents striving to secure a better future for their children. The community's response to his plight showcases the compassion and support that can emerge when individuals come together to uplift those facing adversity. In the end, Khairul's unwavering commitment to his child's education is a testament to the profound sacrifices parents make, echoing the universal theme of parental love and sacrifice.