70-year-old retired teacher donates blood for the last 356th time

By: Patrick Beech

While many may be reluctant to donate blood due to various reasons, 70-year-old retired teacher, Lum Kien Seng recently donated for the 356th time.

However, this will be his last donation as he can no longer do so due to his age.

Over the last 34 years, he said he felt proud he was able to save many lives through his efforts.

If possible, Lum said he wanted to continue donating blood.

"I'll just relax at home, and spend the time listening to music and doing some gardening.

"I encourage those who are healthy to be blood donors. Don't be afraid of the needle, it feels just like an ant bite," he told Bernama.

"It was because of my late father, Lum Yong Swee, who was injured then and in need of a blood transfusion," he added.

Since then, Lum said, it became a routine for him to donate blood and regarded it as a social responsibility.

"I am grateful to be blessed with good health and I do not experience any problems every time I donate blood. I feel healthy after that," said Lum, who lives in Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong.

Meanwhile, the staff of the National Blood Centre held a celebration when Lum went to donate blood for the last time last Dec 2 to thank him for his sacrifice in carrying out his social responsibility without expecting anything in return.