50sen Roti Canai: From 1990 till today

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By Patrick Beech

Roti canai for just 50 sen per piece? Maybe several years ago, but certainly not today and not in the Klang Valley.

However, despite the rising costs of raw materials, 64-year-old Md Kamil Abdullah from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan still maintains his price of 50 sen per piece.

For him, it is his way of sharing “rezeki” with locals and not to burden them, especially during the hard times.

The former Royal Armoured Corps soldier has been selling roti canai at 50 sen since 1990. The size of it has not changed either and he can sell between 800 to 1,000 pieces a day.

He also makes murtabak which he sells at RM3 per piece and achieves about 300 pieces a day in sales. He said he is still able to enjoy a sound profit as the prices of raw materials are subsidised by the government.

My children help me when they can and we open from 3pm to 12am daily except for Tuesdays,” he said.

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