18,000 Households Will Receive Rahmah Baskets Starting This Ramadan

BY: Michelle Liew

The Bakul Rahmah initiative by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) will serve as an aid to help the poor across the country. The initiative is expected to begin early this Ramadan.

Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub said the donation will involve a total of 18,000 out of 37,000 hardcore poor households from all over the country, who will receive a mercy basket containing basic necessities worth RM100.

"The first phase is actually targeting half of the 130,000 hardcore poor households throughout the year. With the current allocation, we will give 18,000 mercy baskets first.

"This is not for B40 but for those below that, which is the extreme poor. Some of the criteria include being chronic patients, one of the parents has stopped working to take care of a sick child, or having to take care of orphaned relatives. We take all of that into account," he said.

He said this after the Donation Handover Ceremony for Johor State Level Schools at the Taman Bukit Indah City Hall, here, today.

Meanwhile, regarding Rahmah's Raya Clothing package, it will be announced later after the engagement session with the textile industry is completed next week, said Salahuddin.

"We will announce the Raya Rahmah Clothing Package that will be offered to those in need.”

"Yesterday, RM100 million was announced to make the Payung Rahmah initiative a success, so I will look at the details of the budget quickly. The next budget presentation is in October,” he added.