13 Finalists, 1 Miss Amazing Malaysia!

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

Our city will see a gathering of 13 amazing women who redefine the conventional idea of beauty. The inaugural Miss Amazing Malaysia 2019 pageant –a quest for a woman who embodies confidence, ability, charm and grace – will be held on 9 March 2019 at Westlane Place, Petaling Jaya.

Not just a quest for being an “inspiration” – a word that is often overused for Persons with Disabilities (PWD), the Miss Amazing Malaysia pageant is dedicated towards bringing out the best in these women who just like any other woman, aspire to be bold, bright, and beautiful.

A stark contrast to other run-of-the-mill pageants, Miss Amazing Malaysia contestants range in ability and undergo training and workshops to empower them to realise their own potential as individuals in their own right and steers clear of comparisons to other women – a testament to the mission of the pageant founder, Maynicca Dewi Rajamanikam of Amazing Girls Solution that “in an atmosphere built around encouragement and support, Miss Amazing Malaysia believes it can bring these individuals together and promote further inclusion for these beautiful women with special needs”. Maynicca, a firm believer in the great potential within each differently abled women further claims that “it is our duty as a progressive society, to empower them to fully realize it.”

Nur Athirah Idrus, 17, Student

Despite being the youngest contestant, Athirah is very poised and lady like. A shy person by nature, she has managed to crack the walls and has improved her social skills via Miss Amazing and hopes to shine during the gala night!

Tabitha, 18, Student

A cute and talkative person, there is not one boring moment with Tabitha. Perhaps her love for comic books brings out the funny side in her. Tabitha also loves to bake and dance in her free time.

Siti Nur Aisyah, 19, Student

A friendly and down to earth person, Aisyah loves travelling and has travelled to New York, Europe and many parts of Asia. A happy and bubbly individual, who immediately gets into dance mode when she hears a good beat, she enjoys singing, too. Despite her condition, Aisyah enjoys both extreme sports participating in events like Spartan Race and Mixed Martial Arts, as well as a leisurely ride on her bike.

Susanna Cheah, 19, Student

A bubbly and jovial person in nature, Susanna loves make up and dressing up. A passionate girl about all things art, she loves to dance and watch movies. Susanna also enjoys the water and swims in her free time.

Wan Alyaa Azri, 19, Childminder

Alyaa has a heart of gold. Despite her condition, she is a childminder for special kids and has the maturity to match her passion. Alyaa is an adventurous foodie who enjoys new types of food. She is a fan of Justin Bieber and enjoys grooming in her free time.

Lynda Lim, 23, Student

A naturally gifted artist, Lynda loves drawing and painting and has even sold some of her artworks at KL Arts Centre. She loves music, singing and playing the Ukulele as well as sewing in her free time

Nor Athira Sujino, 24, Commis Chef

A jovial person, Athira loves singing, reading novels and dabbles in poetry writing. Meet her in person and be assured of conversations filled with loads of laughter!

Nurhana Md Yusof, 28, Student and Full Time Model

Hana believes her albinism makes her beautiful and decided to pursue modelling as well as hosting. Hana hopes to realise her dreams of making it big in the local entertainment scene as an actress. In her free time, she keeps herself abreast of different cultures and cultural development around the world with her current interest being all things Japanese!

Charmaine Chan, 29, Toy Library Admin

Charmaine works at Toy Library in Malaysian CARE and also enjoys serving customers with tasty food coupled with her signature smile at Tender Hearts Cafe. Charmaine is involved in training for the sport of bowling under the Special Olympics team of Selangor. Armed with a passion for performing arts and theatre, Charmaine has performed in a theatre show called “Black Cat”. She is a huge fan of the reality television series, America’s Next Top Model, so watch her strut the runway. She also enjoys singing and is able to belt out a song or two!

Rachel Siew, 29, Community Advocate

A familiar public figure, Rachel graduated with a Law Degree from the United Kingdom and is actively involved in raising funds for a charity she established, The Rachel Siew Suet Li Trust Fund, with the aim of raising public awareness about her rare condition. An accomplished writer, her first book, “Little Book, BIG Secret” published in 2017 illustrates her wit, determination and resilience. Rachel is also into modelling and actively empowers others to not limit themselves despite lives hardships.

Dr. Nik Norziehana Che Isa, 33, Teacher

Recently graduating from UiTM with a Doctorate in Chemistry, Norziehana is also a part time model. In her free time, she loves to read and write. She aspires to become a published author someday

Punitha Palaniaapan, 34, Admin Executive

An extremely confident young woman, Punitha enjoys baking and photography. Desribing herself as a people person, Punitha loves meeting people from all walks of life and making new friends. She believes in living life to the fullest.

Sofia Lovi Ramasamy, 38, Human Resource Business Partner

A soft-spoken and humble person, Sofia enjoys social work and constantly looks out to lift others up and be a source of motivation for those struggling to break free from their limited beliefs. She is involved in media collaborations to create awareness on the differently-abled community like herself. She is also a huge fan of Bollywood actress & Miss World 1994 Aishwarya Rai.

Apart from the main title, the finalists will also be vying for various subsidiary titles. Here’s wishing the finalists good luck for the finals on Saturday!