12-year-old saves pocket money to pay for friend’s tuition fees

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A 12-year-old boy from Shah Alam recently saved up all his pocket money – just so he could pay for his friend’s tuition fees.

Yusuf had earlier learnt that his friend could no longer afford to come to class.

The boy’s father, Nasaie Ismail said his son had asked him for RM20 to complete the RM100 needed for his friend’s classes.

“Last month, he told me that he was sad because his friend had to stop going to afternoon Al-Quran & Fardhu’Ain class (KAFA) because he could no longer afford to pay the fees. So, Yusuf saved up to pay the fees,” Nasaie said on Facebook.

The primary school student managed to save RM80 from his pocket money he received from his grandparents and relatives over a month.

The posting by the father of three has since won the hearts of netizens who praised the parents for instilling such good values in their children.

“Praise God. what a good child of yours. Such an honourable heart,” said a Facebook user.

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